Quality and Environment

Since its creation, Tenthorey has been committed to its customers in order to
provide quaity products and services while adopting an approach
ethical and environmentally friendly.

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Quality Management System

This quality approach is now promoted thanks to ISO 9001 : 2015 certification issued by AFNOR Certification in October 2019.

Our quality commitments : 

  • Maintain an adequate Quality Management System 
  • Continuously improve efficiency
  • Continue staff training and promote versatility
  • Guarantee and anticipate product compliance
  • Maintain customer satisfaction levels

Through these commitments and the implementation of a Quality Management System, Tenthorey proves its willingness to optimise its organization and continuously improve its operations with a single goal : the satisfaction of customers.

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ISO 9001 : 2015

SALE OF UNBLEACHED FABRICS from Tenthorey comply with the requirements imposed by ISO 9001 : 2015 standard.

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Tenthorey is certified by OEKO-TEX for the following items :

  • Unbleached fabrics in polyester, linen, cotton/linen, polyester/cotton, with or without elastane
  • Bleached fabrics in 100% linen, and reference 14184 in 100% cotton
  • Made exclusively from raw materials already certified according to STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

This certification ensures that at all stages of production and processing of our textile, the production processes used are environmentally friendly (heavy metals, formaldehydes, and carcinogenic amines are prohibited).

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Our weaving and some of our products are GOTS certified.

GOTS certification is a certification system for textile products that guarantees the organic origin of fibres. It also ensures that all stages of textile production and processing are socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

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Vosges Terre Textile is a label that aims to idetify the Vosges moutains as a land of textile tradition.

This label includes requirements such as the cetainty that the product meets precise specifications, particularly on its manufacture in the Vosges department. Its is the assurance of having a quality product that takes into account various aspects such as the environment, traceability or manufacturing quality.

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Environmental policy

Waste management

In our factory, the selective sortign of textiles, plastic, wood and cardboard is systematic and all employees are made aware of it. Recycling channels are used to take charge of and recycle this waste.

Energy saving

Tenthorey is working to reduce its energy consumption through :

  • an energy-efficient building 
  • LED lighting
  • a new compressor
  • the renewal of machine
  • its two hydroelectric power generation units
  • a natural gas boiler
  • compressor energy recovery and reuse 

To prevent any drift and analyse their evolution, consumption is regularly recorded and monitored.

Water consumption

Due to its activity, Tenthorey is not a major water consumer ans no effluent is released into the envirnoment.

Raw material selection

The main raw materiels used are natural (cotton and linen) and Tenthorey initiated a strategic shift 10 years ago with the innovative and pioneering use af organic cotton.

During the first quarter of 2019, 78,8% of production was made of natural fibres and 16,4% was also of organic origin (a figure that is constantly increasing).

In its desire to offer customers quality products that respect an ethical and responsible approach, Tenthorey works with raw materials that are produced with respect of human beings and environment.