Expertise and products

Tenthorey, the textile specialist

  • Textiles manufacturer
  • Weaver in the Vosges
  • 5,000,000 metres of cloth produced annually.

Flagship materials: These are natural materials such as cotton, organic cotton and linen.

Tenthorey offers

quality fabrics

  • Unbleached cloth.
  • Dyed cloth.
  • Mechanically or chemically finished cloth.

Tenthorey offers

various finished products

  • The collection of bags, pouches and pockets
  • Hard-wearing cloth bags with original prints
  • Kitchen aprons in vivid colours
  • Small coloured Tote Bags
  • A selection of original shopping bags
  • Tea towels

Textiles des Lignes offers

silk, linen or woolen fabrics from stock or any other textiles to order